Donate / HRH Fund

In 2010, Historic Rock Hill, with the assistance of the Foundation for the Carolinas, established a fund for the long-term preservation of The White Home and other significant sites in Rock Hill history.

Foundation Of The Carolinas

The HRH Fund is administered by the Foundation for the Carolinas with input from the Board of Directors and staff of Historic Rock Hill. Income from the HRH Fund will assist in ensuring a continued source of revenue. If you are interested in having a representative of the Foundation for the Carolinas or Historic Rock Hill confidentially visit you to discuss gifts of insurance, real estate, stock or other forms of donor giving, please contact us.

Appreciated Securities

Contributing long-term appreciated stock or other securities that have been held for one year or more can make it possible for you to give a substantial gift to Historic Rock Hill and get a tax break. When the appreciated security is given to Historic Rock Hill (a 501(c)3 charitable organization), you, as a donor, avoid capital gains tax and most likely will qualify for a tax deduction on the entire value of the charitable gift!

For more information or to donate long-termm please visit the Foundation of the Carolinas website. A representative will discuss your various giving options with you.